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Do you need an anonymous ATM Debit card that you can have 100% privacy and use it in over 180,000 ATM worldwide? NOTE : This  ebook is not about gCard or VMI card which have been closed down.

Do you need to withdraw your Paypal,  2CO, Google Adsense money without opening a US Bank Account ?

If your answers are 'YES' to the above two questions, this ebook is for YOU!

These TWO anonymous ATM Debit Card (YES ! You are right, I am not giving you one anonymous ATM card information here, I am giving you TWO anonymous ATM cards that you can buy here) are issued by a Canadian bank and a US bank respectively since 2004. The bank has an insurance protection similar to FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) in USA which it is guaranteed by the Canadian state. This means your money won't be lost and it is secure and reliable.

Below is the snapshot of the card :

Card #1

Card #2

So, you might ask what so great about these TWO anonymous ATM card ? Here, I list down some of the benefits you can get from the card..

* NO PAPERWORK is required. Extremely easy application.
is required
is printed on the card so your privacy is fully protected
Card transactions are NOT reported to any credit agencies
on you when you apply the card
The ATM card is a MAESTRO/CIRRUS card. The Maestro/Cirrus brand is owned by         MasterCard Corporation

* The card DO NOT HAVE any expiry date so you do not need to renew the card. You can use it as long as you wish
* You can withdraw cash at any ATM (180,000 worldwide)
that bears the Maestro and Cirrus logo, Cirrus is the ATM network for MasterCard
You can load funds into your card with Wire Transfer, US Bank ACH Transfer, 2CheckOut, Liberty Reserve, Paypal, Google Adsense, WesternUnion, Internation Wire Transfer, MoneyGram or from another card

* You can use this card to VERIFY YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT and WITHDRAW YOUR PAYPAL MONEY to this card and subsequently withdraw the money at your local ATM. This is useful for those NON-US CITIZENS that do not have US bank account but need to withdraw their Paypal money
* No Minimum Deposit
is needed. It is a debit card so you withdraw only the balance you have in your account.
You can easily check your transaction history online. It comes with the INTERNET BANKING facility. Please see below for the screen shot.

Card #1

Card #2

* NO STATEMENT will be sent to you, you can view your statement online, you have your full privacy.
regardless of his/her nationality, country, credit history or status. You DO NOT need to send in any identification document to them. The card is shipped to you after you place your order.
* PIN is delivered in sealed envelope
so only you will know the PIN.
* DAILY LIMIT OF USD 500.00 for ATM withdrawals
* Telephone Support and email support
are available to answer all your questions
* And much more...

Some of you ask what are the fees structure of the card ? Below is the table of summary of the card fees structure, you can see from here they charge a very low fees as compare to those conventional bank

Transaction Types and Fees (In US Dollars)

 E-Gold transfer to card is : 4% + $2.00

It is up to you which card you want to buy here, you can just buy one card that suits your needs or you can buy both cards here.

Below are those common questions that are asked by my customers:

How this ATM debit card is better than cash ?

There are lots of ways that this card beats cash. To name just three: 1. The card is more secure than cash. If cash is lost or stolen it is likely gone forever. If your card is lost or stolen, it can be replaced. No one can get at your money unless they also have your PIN. (We recommend that you do not write down your PIN or, if you do write it down, never keep it in the same place as your card.) 2. The card is a global money and debit card. When you use cash, you usually have to exchange your money for local currency when you travel out of the country, which can be a costly and time-consuming inconvenience. With this card, you can use your card at any worldwide ATM. All cash withdrawals are automatically in the local currency. 3. You can safely send this card in the mail. The post office and courier companies tell you not to use their services to send cash. In the past, if you wanted to send money to friends or relatives across the country or overseas the only alternative was expensive wire services. Now, you can easily send a this card to them in the mail. It is secure because no one can access the cash on the card unless they also have the PIN. (Never send a card and its PIN at the same time).

How this ATM debit card is better than cheque ?

1. Cash stored on the card is available immediately. If you send a check as a gift or to transfer money to relatives "back home", the recipient's bank usually puts the money on hold for at least a few days, and often a few weeks, until the check "clears". The wait can be particularly long when sending money out of the country. With this card, you can tell the recipient the PIN over the phone. Then, as soon as the card arrives, the recipient can use it immediately at an ATM.

2. Cards can be refilled quickly and easily. When you use check to send gifts or transfer money, if you want to send another gift or transfer more cash to the same person, the recipient has to wait for the check to arrive and the bank to clear it. With this card you just add more cash to the same card. The recipient then has immediate access to the cash -- the second and subsequent times, they don't even have to wait for the card to arrive

How this ATM debit card is better than bank card ?

1. This card can be used to send gifts or transfer money. Since an ordinary bank card and PIN gives the holder access to your full bank account, they are not a good way to send a gift or transfer money to others. This card gives a recipient access to only as much money as you add to the card -- not your whole bank account.

2. This card is more secure. Because this card is not tied to your bank account, in the very worst case, if someone steals both your card and PIN, the most that the thief can get is the money that remains on your card. With a bank card, they may be able to drain your entire account.

How do I add money into my card ?

You can transfer money to your card over the Internet or at your bank. Please see the methods below:

- ACH (Automatic Clearing House). Transfer money from your Paypal, 2CheckOut, Google Adsense, etc that support ACH transfer
- International Bank Transfer (Wire, Swift, etc.)
- Liberty Reserve (INSTANT Automatic loading system)
- WesternUnion
- MoneyGram
- WebMoney
- Moneybookers
- Card-to-card transfer

How secure is my money with this anonymous ATM card ?

This card is more secure than a bank card. Like a bank card, nobody can get at your cash without your Personal Identification Number (PIN). What's more, unlike a bank card, the maximum risk that you face is the amount of money stored on the card. With a normal bank card, someone who steals both your card and PIN may be able to clean out your entire bank account.

When it comes to the question of security, the term "stored value" may be a little misleading. The money is not actually stored on the card. It is stored on their secure computers and can only be accessed if you provide your PIN when you use your card at an ATM.

Your PIN is not stored anywhere on your card, not even on the magnetic stripe. The information on the stripe merely identifies you so that our systems can compare the PIN that you enter to the one that is stored in our secure computers. That way, a thief who steals your card cannot learn your PIN even with a magnetic card reader.

Because your PIN is so critical to the security of your card, it is important that you protect it. Be sure that nobody is looking over your shoulder when you enter your PIN. Even if you aren't aware of anyone watching you, it is still a good idea to shield the keys of the ATM with your other hand when you enter your PIN.

Can I transfer money from the card to my bank account ?

Sorry. You can't.

How much the card costs me ?

Card #1 :$14.95 (With FREE Regular Mail Shipping)
Card #2 :$38.00 (With FREE Regular Mail Shipping)

Is it 100% my card application will be approved ? How do you guarantee that ?

As far as I know, no one has failed to apply this anonymous ATM card and if there is any reason that you fail to apply this card with the information I provide, show me the proof, I will give you 100% refund. No questions asked !

Why should I buy from you ? How trustable you are as an Internet seller ?

I am a verified PayPal seller with 18 people have made payments to me. You can also click here for a screen capture. A verified PayPal member must have their credit card and bank account verified (I've also faxed in a copy of my ID card, utility bill, and my bank and credit card statements to PayPal). If I am an Internet scammer, my customers will report to PayPal and PayPal will suspend my account. But you can see that my PayPal account is in good standing with at least 18 happy customers.

So, why wait ? Get yourself a copy of this e-book today! It will give you all the information you need to apply this anonymous ATM card by yourself without spending USD500 to USD1000 to engage a third party agent  to apply the card for you.


"Manage to Withdraw Money From PayPal" - "With the instructions given, i have linked my Paypal account with my ATM debit card within 2 days, now i can withdraw my money from P Paypal with ease ! Thanks ! - SriPorn, Thailand

"I received my ATM Debit Card!" - "I applied my ATM debit card a week ago with the information given in your ebook and the company send me the card within 14 days using, what a excellent service !" - Leyla Paola, Argentina

"I Opened My ATM Card Account In 4 Days !" - "After reading your ebook, with less than 5 days after I submitted the application form to the company, I received an email from the company stated my account was approved and I am ready to access it online to deposit my money, the approval speed is amazing. Thank you for your service, i am very happy with it ! - Eddit Liu, China

"Best Service!" -  "Offer the best service if you are looking for a anonymous ATM debit card here for Non-US Resident , WORTH THE MONEY,this guy told you everything you need to know on how to get a decent and working no name ATM Card !!" -Ramesh, India

"Reliable, Fast and Working ATM Debit Card!" -  "Once I get my card, I transfered my e-gold money there. Guess what ? I managed to withdraw my egold money from a local Malaysia ATM within 1 hour! What a amazing service here, thumbs up !!" -Abdul Wahab, Malaysia



Bonus 1: Besides the above two anonymous cards information, we are going to give you another TWO more anonymous ATM debit card information which you can apply !

Bonus 2: "What You Need to Know When Pursuing Wealth" ebook (worth $9.99) that was written to meet the requirements of people who desire of achieving greater heights by implementing very simple and yet powerful concepts that have the potential to change your life completely.

Bonus 3: LIFE TIME MEMBERSHIP to our program. Since there are so many new cards are coming out every day, once you purchase our ebook, we will update you from time to time if we discover any new anonymous ATM card that is out to the market. We will do all the due diligence and research works here to make sure it is a real ATM card so you can save your time here !

That's right. Our product comes with a Guarantee!


60-Day Money Back Guarantee


If there is any reason that you fail to apply this card with the information I provide, show me the proof, I will give you 100% refund. No questions asked !

So go ahead! Secure your copy immediately...

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